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    Shaoxing County kallong Pants Co., Ltd. are done by professionals in production and marketing of high-grade scale enterprises. China's largest company in the market -- as well fabric Shaoxing. Traffic is very convenient. Have from the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries imported sewing machines and opened bags plane Seamer point, the prized machine, chain Seamer. Keyhole plane sets Kit plane, wears headphones, the Strap - clinch Machine, bonders, set ironing equipment and computer automated version, Grading and other advanced equipment, output reached 100 million and employs more than 300 staff, including 50 technicians.

  Cut to the finished product from the company, serpentine lines, and each process has technical staff strictly controlled, the quality of immigration. products of modern science around the world, a world of customer satisfaction and support.

  The company has consistently strive "to quality survival, new products, new technology development." Product quality model with international practice, thus greatly enhancing the international competitiveness of the enterprises. to improve the quality of service and quality, warmly welcomed at home and abroad, business circles, friends from all walks of life to discuss business, create a brilliant future.

Chinese suppliers specializing in the production
of high-grade pants --Shaoxing County kallong Pants factory

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